smétrica is a free web application for facebook metrics. For now we have more than 16,000 fan pages in our database and keep updated daily extracting data like number of fans, people talking about, posts, comments, and more.

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Write a fan page name or his ID if you know it (how to obtain ID):

To get the ID of a Facebook fan page, first go to this page and then, in the navigation bar, change "https://www." for "graph".

Push ENTER and then will appear some data. The first parameter is the Fan page ID.

Latest analyzed pages:
Following 7,830 fan pages wich have a total amount of 11,263,451,349 fans. Top 3 weekly growth are:
Imagen de medalla semanal
Imagen Revlon Revlon: grew 3,087,723 fans and now it have 7,958,244 fans.
Imagen Tasty Tasty: grew 595,647 fans and now it have 73,241,365 fans.
Imagen CCTV CCTV: grew 550,179 fans and now it have 37,892,319 fans.

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